Reliable, Cost Effective Gas Supply

Specialist Chemical Gases

Our Ethos

Blended Products supplies gases such as Anhydrous Ammonia, Nitrous Oxide and their associated products direct from the manufacturer to the customer. All our products are high grade and low cost and with no intermediary charges, the end user cost is minimised.

UK business gas supply

Last year through the brand Nitrous Oxide Supplies, Blended Products supplied over 3,500 cylinders of Nitrous Oxide gas to stockists throughout Europe and our Anhydrous Ammonia sales totalled more than 80% of the company turnover last year.

Striving for excellence

Storage Tank

Our ethos is to provide excellence in the areas that are almost forgotten in today’s business market. We strive to provide what was once taken for granted in the UK - a high level of service with fast turnaround times and a “no waffle” attitude to service provision. We believe that once you are a Blended Products customer, you’ll never want to change supplier again.

We don’t use aggressive sales tactics or criticise our competitors because we believe our professionalism and the quality of our products speak for themselves - before, during and after the order process. So many happy customers cannot be wrong.

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